“ERA”,Oran Algeria 27-29.10.2014 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION “ERA”,Oran Algeria 27-29.10.2014 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION Kafson Solar Heaters will participate the “ERA”,Oran Algeria 27-29.10.2014 INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION MADRID 11-13/5/2011 The exhibition demonstrates and promotes Solar Power maximization and utility among the people and everyday use. You are more than welcome to come and visit us.

Kafson Solar Heaters has sucesfully participated the GENERA 2013 Feria de Madrid Spain

GENERA 2012 Madrid Spain...

Kafson Solar Heaters has sucesfully participated GENERA 2011 ...


Kafson Solar Heaters has Successfully participated the GENERA 2009 MADRIT EXCHIBITION in Spain on May 2009 ...

Kafson Solar Heaters has successfully participated the Mostra...

Kafson Solar Heaters has sucesfully participated Mostra...

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P200-KCSA/D 2X1

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Selective Solar Panels : KCSA/D SEL (1.5) Selective Panels


KCSA/D SEL (1.5) Selective Panels (KCSA/D SEL (1.5))

This special solar panels applies to clients that they need hot water under any conditions. SOLAR KEY MARK CERTIFICATE

Kafson solar collectors are manufactured from high quality materials with great care and reguirements according to ISO 9001:2000. The absorbers pipes and strips are ultrasonically welded for maximum conductivity and efficiency. The absorbers strips coating is made from selective MTI type, prodused using an electrochemical process under vacuum in high temperature conditions offering the highest absorption performance. The results can be appreciated during the winter time with a high absorption rate.

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 Part No.KCSA/D SEL (1.5)
 Outer CasingAluminium Profile
 Back plateAluminium
 Absorber TypeCopper Pipes and Aluminium Strips Selective Laser Welded
 Glass TypeTempered Glass
 Side InsulationsPolystyrene
 Back InsulationsOne Layer of Polystyrene and one Layer of Glasswool
 Absorbers WaterproofingSpecial Type IG Black Silicon
 Weight22 Kg
 Dimensions100X150 CM

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