//Low Pressure Boiler Closed System K300KC

Low Pressure Boiler Closed System K300KC

The best value for money 300(Ltr)low presure Boiler able to satisfy your everyday hot water needs for 6 to 7 family members. Closed System. Equipped a coil for central heating.

Kafson hot water tanks are made completely out of copper sheet, both cylinder and heat exchanger for extended life cycle. Our solar hot water tanks with heat exchanger connected with a thermosyphonic system, minimizes the risk of scale built up, ensuring longer life time. The addition of antifreeze liquid in the close loop system, allows the operation of our systems in areas with cold conditions. Kafson hot water tanks are manufactured in three different volumes, 150 Ltr, 200 Ltr, and 300 Ltrs. All three of them can be equipped with a 7.5m long spiral (coil) for houses equipped with central heating. As a third sourse of energy, all hot water tanks are equipped with emersion heaters of 3kw. The 50mm polyurethane insulations layer maximize the retention of water heat.

Inner Cylinder Material


Heat Exchanger Material


Exterior Casing

Stainless Steel-Aluminium-Brown-White



Coil For Central Heating


Heating Element Power / Consumption


Electric Thermostat



170X57 CM

Weight When Empty

63 Kg

Weight When Full

363 Kg


300 L

Pressure (Tested)

1 Bar

Working Pressure

1 Bar

For Number of People


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