We are SOLAR KEYMARK Certified

Kafson Solar Heaters Ltd has been successfully qualified for Solar Keymark certification. Our aim, has always been the provision of high quality products and services to our clients.

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What is Solar Keymark Certification?

Solar thermal products contribute importantly to the conservation of fossil fuels. With high efficient solar thermal systems it is possible to cover up to 70 % of the annual need of primary energy required for hot water supply. Space heating systems can be supported efficiently by using solar energy. Thus, solar thermal systems with a high efficiency and environmental friendliness are a meaningful addition to traditional heating systems using fossil fuels.

Besides the solar collector efficiency, for planner, installer and consumers also the usability, safety, and reliability are part of their product decision. Certificates and quality marks of an independent certification body can support the purchase decision, and provide confidence in having bought a quality product.

Thus, in 2003 the European Solar Thermal Industry, major testing laboratories, and DIN CERTCO decided to develop scheme rules as a unified and simple solution in order to get solar thermal products recognised all over Europe.

The Solar KEYMARK Network (SKN) has created a certification scheme for solar thermal products including

  • solar collectors (flat plate, tube, and PVT)
  • whole solar thermal systems
  • storage tanks
  • controllers